Pretty things for your website.

Are you unhappy with your blog? You've come to the right place. Whether you need a logo, a snazzy slide show, or just a fresh version of your head shot, Pretty Poison Graphics will get the job done. I can give your website a facelift, or redesign it from the ground up. You will be looking great from top bar to footer.

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About me.

Hello, I'm Oleander Plume. Besides writing erotic fiction, I love graphic design and I have worked on and off in the field for over twenty years.

While I lack the technological skills to build a website from the ground up, I can take what you have and make it better with a few simple changes.

More style. More function.

More pretty things.

What can Pretty Poison Graphics do for you?

My “website” used to be just that – a quote-unquote website. Sure, it kinda sorta resembled one, but it certainly didn’t function as one. There were no frills and no character, just bits and pieces of my writing and photographs that carried on endlessly per each subject page. Even I turned weary scrolling down, down, and down to find the subject I was searching for. It was ridiculous!

And then, after crying over the thousands of Spam comments received and neglecting to write a blog due to my site’s ugliness, Pretty Poison Graphics swooped in and saved the day.

Like magic, my website blossomed into a professional, beautiful, and functional website, one that surpassed my wildest expectations. Not only does my website look gorgeous, it’s tailor-made for me! Pretty Poison included everything that I desired and more, while understanding exactly who I was and what I needed. Seriously, I’m still blown away. I never imagined I could possess a personalized site that reflected me so perfectly. That’s not just talent - that’s thoughtfulness and insight. The graphics are dynamic, and the entire feel of my website is electrifying.

Thank you, Pretty Poison Graphics! You changed my (online) life.

-Dario Dalla Lasta (author)