Your homepage – make it count.


March 16, 2015

Unless you are a casual blogger, I can’t stress the importance of a well-designed homepage. Here’s why: a visitor to your website should know exactly what your site is all about at first glance. If you are using your blog page as your homepage, what is that visitor seeing first?

Let’s say you are a photographer, but your latest post is a rant about the poor customer service you received when you tried to return your new zoom lens. That blog post is your reader’s first impression of you. While your article might be interesting and/or full of useful information, it doesn’t guarantee that a visitor is going to stick around long enough to look at your spectacular photography portfolio.

Now, imagine that same person is looking for a photographer. They hit your google link and come across a welcome page that grabs their attention and doesn’t let go. A great header that tells the person who you are. A headshot of yourself, even behind from your camera. A brief bio, followed by a short gallery of your absolute best shots. There. That’s a homepage. That’s what will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Keep it clean and short, but full of information about what you do. Adding touches of your own style and personality make the page even better. Not sure how to set it up? That’s what I’m here for. Hi. I’m Oleander, and I want your blog to get the attention it deserves. Let’s talk.


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