Standing Out on Social Media

socia media

I read a study recently that claimed if a tweet was accompanied by a visual element, it received 70% more reads than one without. As a graphic designer, I agree with this finding, howeve – r, not every visual element is eye-catching. What can you do to stand out on social media? Here are a few tips:

1. Use the psychology of color. Besides grabbing our attention, the color red increases heart rate. Blue, on the other hand, evokes calmness and serenity. Yellow might be cheerful, but it makes babies cry and causes eye strain. The human eye is most sensitive to green, a color that alleviates depression and conjures up images of new growth and wealth.

Here is a great post on color psychology: The Color Blue is Trending – fascinating stuff!

2. Use simple, uncluttered images. Remember, your design is going to look small on the screen, smaller yet on a mobile device. Use easy to read fonts and simple designs with bold color.

3. Vary your images. Iā€™m seeing a ho-hum trend on Twitter ā€“ tweeting the same message/graphic over and over. If you follow this trend, you run the risk of becoming white noise and easily overlooked.

4. Use humor. Amusing photos and witty quotes get retweeted the most.

5. Remember, words can be art. Take the aforementioned witty quote – type it up in a unique font add a rich background and voila ā€“ an image to be shared.

6. Use the right size. When creating a shared image for Twitter and Facebook, use a 2:1 ratio ā€“ 800 wide by 400 tall for example. For Google plus, keep your images 497 pixels wide, and use a perfect square for LinkedIn. A good rule of thumb is to make your graphics larger than you need, they tend to tighten up and look crisper when reduced.

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